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Prizes in SigmaPhi 2014

During the conference, three works selected out of all the oral and poster presentations by scientists under 40 years, have been awarded.

The prizes have  been  respectively offered for the:

- Best Work on COMPLEXITY  (offered  by CHAOS, SOLITONS and FRACTALS Journal).
- Best POSTER PRESENTATION (offered by the Greek National Center for Scientific Research DEMOKRITOS).

The selection committee was composed by V. Constandoudis, P. Paradisi and A.M. Scarfone
The three awarded scientists have been  granted 500 Euro each. Additionally, the registration fee will be waived to the three winners  for participating in  the next edition of the SigmaPhi Conference, SigmaPhi2017.
The  announcement of the winners and  awarding ceremony took place on Friday July 11th.

The winners are:


Kharcheva Anna (Lobachevsky State University, Nizhnii Novgored, Russia)

Prize for the Best Work on Foundations of Statististical Physics
Title of the work: Effect of potential barrier on correlation characteristics of steady state Levy flights in bistable potential



Tibely Gergely (Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary)

Prize for the Best Work on Complexity
Title of the work: Hierarchies in tagged data



Shimokawa Michiko (Fukuoka Institute of Technology, Japan)

Prize for the Best Poster Presentation
Title of the work: Experimental study of fractal pattern observed in gravitational instability

Accepted Abstracts

10 May 2014

The list of accepted abstracts submitted for presentation in the conference is available on the page "Abstracts Lists"


SigmaPhi Prizes

Jozef Streka (P. J. Safarik University, Kosice, Slovak Republic) Prize for the Best oral presentation on Theoretical Statistical Physics Title of the work: Strong and weak-universal...

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School of Statistical Physics

New Trends in StatPhys: Organized by G. Caldarelli and G. Kaniadakis

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EPS Young Researcher Grants

The Organizing Committee of the SigmaPhi 2017 International Conference is very please to inform that the EPS Young Researcher Grants have been assigned

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Elsevier lectures

The publishing company Elsevier sponsors two lectures

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Springer Nature Lectures

The publishing company Springer Nature sponsors three lectures

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EPS-SNP Meeting

The summer board meeting of the European Physical Society - Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division (EPS-SNP) will be held during the SigmaPhi2017 Conference

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SigmaPhi2017 Europhysics Conference

The European Physical Society (EPS) has recognized the SigmaPhi2017 as Europhysics Conference.

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1. Kappa Distributions and Statistical Mechanics

Workshop organized by: G. Livadiotis, P. Yoon and K. Dialynas

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2. Statistical Physics for the Digital Economy

Workshop organized by: T. Aste, G. Caldarelli, T. Di Matteo and G. Livan

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3. Quantum Matter

Workshop organized by: S. Kourtis, D. Ellinas and J. Pachos

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4. Statistical Physics of Environment, Climate and Ecosystems

Workshop organized by: P. Ditlevsen, D. Hristopulos and D. Valenti

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5. Complexity and self-organization in biology and physiology

Workshop organized by: P. Paradisi and R. Metzler

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6. Sociophysics and Econophysics

Workshop organized by: M.L. Bertotti and V. Constantoudis

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Special Sessions

A1. Stochastic Processes in Complex Environments

Special Session organized by: J. Talbot and C. Mejia-Monasterio

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A2. Kinetic Theory and its applications

Special Session organized by: G. Palasanzas and A. Rossani

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A3. Information Geometry

Special Session organized by: D. Johnston, H. Matsuzoe, G. Ruppeiner and T. Wada

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